going “AFK” until further notice

So after waking up this morning to abusive messages and a certain tumblr user sharing my photo calling me a racist, I’ve decided to go AFK until further notice.

At first I was quite upset and taken aback from the “attack”. I am but a very small blog and in the three years I have been on here, I have never once had any hate.

But now I feel just very sad and sorry for this tumblr user.
Their lack of understanding towards “racism” is what is wrong with our generation.
I think that I am neither superior nor inferior to you, nor to any other people/persons.

So thanks for cutting me down and making me look like some arsehole. It’s made me realise that I’m wasting my time on this site.

Who knows with all this free time perhaps I can re-educate myself on the “Mexican culture”

PS: the hotwhitetrash url i was using i originally got out of an Oyster Mag. I used it as a rip on myself because i care about how i look but deep down I’m a massive bogan.
There is no racial meaning behind it.

25.Mar.14 5 months ago


hey mom, can you pass the salt and 


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